My Love,

Why did you run away from yourself?
Why do you allow this world,

Which shivers in pain,

To take hold of your being?
Where are you, you that I love?
You are no longer the same

You have let yourself slide 
Into this world, which destroys

Youth and beauty.
Come back my Love,

It is not too late
To allow your being to become, once again,

The Being it once was,

When this world

Hat yet to wound you

With its destructive power.

I love you, my Love

Immortality is in your Soul

It patiently awaits you,

So you can understand and leave
The darkness where all is ephemeral.

Your radiant image

Is engraved in my heart

And my Soul gives warmth to yours
So that it may withstand

The storms of this frivolous world.

Wake up my Love,

The time has come For you to listen to your immortality,

It is showing you the way.

It will lead you to the path Of eternal youth.

This youth will be returned to you

As if it had never left you.

And, despite the thrashings of hell,

You will leave behind the darkness

In order to enter through the secret door
Of your Soul.

You will see the glow of Heaven,

Waiting to bestow its love onto you.

A love free of suffering.

You and I shall live it,

For all Eternity.

Open your eyes, my Love,

I am here.

Look at the mirror of your Soul.

You shall then see me as

I see you

And take me into your arms.